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   Matylda Laurence - Photographer

All Photographs by Matylda Laurence

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Publishing books and marketing people’s creative products is a challenge. How do you get the music industry to hear your songs? Top publishing houses to read your manuscript? It is hard and getting harder.

With a multiplex of technology, less time and lower budgets some industry professionals may never know you or your product. Independent marketing, e-books downloading are now standard practice. Just search on Amazon and the list of self-published books grows by the minute. Yet, despite this we still create, the feeling to ‘get my stuff out there’ drives us to achieve.

Working with people who create, hopes of success and personal achievement are high. The next step, the next corner turned leading them to recognition, a return for all their hard work. For some this has happened. During these past years I have mixed with actors, musicians, those literary beings who are household names. They have achieved, but for many, plans often remain just notes on paper, a manuscript in a box.

If you are a creative person with a project that needs a plan, to find a way forward please contact me via the website.