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   Matylda Laurence - Photographer

All Photographs by Matylda Laurence

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Photographing bands and artists at gigs, it soon became clear that to be noticed by A & R and be signed for a record deal was to many just a dream. They complained. ‘Why didn’t record labels come out to their gigs, open their demo tracks and answer their letters?’ I complained too. Taking opportunity when meeting with those already enriched by signed artists, asking why they didn’t even reply to mine? And I was a professional music manager! Did they want new grass roots talent? Why didn’t they come out beyond the London skyline? But all was about to change!

The downloading of indie music was born. I had warned them. Artists were being forced in this direction, due mostly, to this lack of industry interest. How did you get noticed? How did you get off the ‘toilet circuit’ and move up the gig ladder? Did I know anyone who might manage them? Develop and record them?

For some years I did manage bands and artists, learning my trade under the auspices of the Music Managers Forum in London. Rehearsing, arranging gigs and recording studio days were great and very satisfying. Seeing artists develop and grow, gain confidence and expand their repertoire. But it became more difficult to get music and artists heard at gigs, live music was dying.

Creating tracks, uploading MP3’s onto your own website was easy and achievable, so management also had to change. Consultancy, imaging, designing & marketing took on a whole new edge. Finding the right recording studio to lay down track, industry professionals who understood their needs, how to achieve audio at affordable prices, and radio broadcast quality.

Although no longer active as a music manager, mentoring and encouraging past and present musical talent will always have a place in ML-Media.