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   Matylda Laurence - Photographer

All Photographs by Matylda Laurence

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White Hart Press

White  Hart  Press proved to be the ideal printing company for two projects;-

Jennie’s music book and Elise Belcroft’s first children’s book ‘The Enchanting Tale of Swapley Dale’.

Each project was discussed, samples furnished and dummies produced enabling both books to be marketed to a professional standard.

Discus Group Limited

Working with Director Andrew Roberts made completing Jennie’s music book very simple and easy.

Discussing our needs in practical terms, offering excellent ideas, and budget plans the end steps to marketing Jennie’s music book were finalised.

CD replication, labelling, sleeve fixing inside the book and then whole package being shrink wrapped was achieved on time and within budget, providing a professionally finished product ready for publishing and marketing.

Rooksmere Studios

Working with record producer Mark Hutchinson on various Media projects over these past years has been a delightful process. He is consistently generous with his knowledge base of music, and technologies. Making each client feel relaxed, encouraging them, letting their creativity be fully expressed either with projects in development or performance based ideas. Also aware of budget and time constraints his professionalism in giving advice and guidance is assured. Mark comes highly recommended.


Most recent project: Recording to broadcast quality ‘Let’s Make Melodies’ by Jennie Wilson; an illustrated children’s song book with lyrics and integrated music cd.

Sarah Cheeseman - Proof Reader & Editor

Using Sarah for Elise Belcroft’s first book was an excellent choice. Giving surety that prior to final print and publication the book was correct in all aspects of grammar and wording. The whole process was easy, at an affordable price, and her services come highly recommended.

( E-mail - sarahjc81@googlemail.com )