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   Matylda Laurence - Photographer

All Photographs by Matylda Laurence

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The Foundation:

Starting over 15 years ago, from a baseline of photography and journalism, networking in other forms of multimedia became the norm.

Finding people who were intent on developing their own creative potential, a hub began to evolve.

There was talent to be found, particularly at grass roots level, bursting with enthusiasm; needing to be recognised by industry professionals.

The Aim:

To create a sound working relationship, listening and mentoring from inception to completion of each individual project.

Pricing according to client needs; being transparent concerning costs and achievable outcomes of each project.

Outsourcing other industry professionals when and where necessary, thereby offering a complete package to the client.

The Catalogue:

Management of bands and singer songwriters, artists seeking a record deal.

Picture libraries required images.

Models wanting work in London needing portfolios & advice.

Writers with outlines, seeking a book deal, with a view to getting published.

IT training for business & individuals, clients seeking artwork and design, plans to market products & ideas, all went into the making of ML-Media.